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shiv_softengg 04-04-2011 07:19 AM

getent shadow works but getent passwd does not???
Hello guys,

I have been working on Kerberos and Ldap Authentication on SUSE 11.3.

I was successful with Kerberos authentication and had no issue. then i moved to configure LDAP as i want to configure this authentication method for APACHE server.

Now after configuring ldap and pam, I am able to check the command 'getent shadow' with no issue and this command lists all the users of that OU too. but when i try getent passwd or getent group , it results nothing but local users.

I have been stuck at this place and cannot move forward.

How can it return the shadow but does not return the passwd option.

your help will be much appreciated.


tshikose 04-04-2011 08:06 AM


Try using getent with a specified (existing LDAP user name).


getent passwd valid_ldap_user
This is the new behaviour on RHEL6.
There should be a configuration directive somewhere on LDAP or nsswitch to restore the old behaviour of RHEL5 and previous.



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