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herrfelix5 07-04-2001 03:49 PM

Gaming Network Question
Alright, here's my question.

I have a linux machine acting as the Internet gateway and two Windooze PC's behind it. I'm trying to connect both Windooze machines to an Alpha Centauri game being hosted on the Internet. When I try, it appears to send packets out to establish the connection, but I can never get a connection. I know which ports should be opened, but I don't have any rules in the firewall right now (I'm using iptables). I've just got packet forwarding on and then have the nat table with masquerading on. I've probably forgotten something. Perhaps something to forward packets back onto the lan, but I can use web and other things, and I can ping the machine I'm trying to connect to. I'm just a bit lost as to what I need to change right now. So any ideas would be helpful


jharris 07-04-2001 03:57 PM

If you game server attempts to establish an incomming connection then you're gonna have problems as I don't see how you would setup a forwarding rule when you have two machines behind the same NAT box (as when the connection comes in you don't know which machine behind the NAT box the connection is destined for so a simple forwarding rule isn't going to work as planned).

You say you know what ports should be opened? That suggests that you're read some instructions about needing a hole in a firewall if you're behind one yeah?? What were the details?

Sorry to ask questions rather than answer the original...



mcleodnine 07-04-2001 04:05 PM

Are you behind a masq firewall?

smurf 07-04-2001 06:43 PM

By the looks of it you are using a 2.4 kernal which I think can still use IPChain rules so have a look at this link:-

Hope this helps

Have Fun :)

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