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donokono 06-18-2002 03:18 PM

FTP - setting top level dir
I am attempting to give FTP access to a user but am having trouble setting the top level directory for that user...

I am running RH6.2 and wuftpd wu-2.6.0(1)

I created a new user then edited /etc/passwd


(I also added /bin/false to /etc/shells)

Permissions on user's home dir is OK...

I can FTP in from a remote box but can issue
ftp> cd /
and ls the root directory on the box. I want this user restricted to the directory specified in /etc/passwd !!

Any help/suggestions??

Oh... I've been looking at docs for... um, longer than I should be... :)


TruckStuff 06-18-2002 05:58 PM

Search the forums. This has been addressed 4 times in the last week alone. :)

donokono 06-18-2002 07:17 PM

Thanks... I guess I wasn't searching hard enough.... :)

Anyhow, the solution was simple...

in /etc/ftpaccess I added:

realgroup ftpguy
realuser ftpguy
restricted-uid ftpguy

and it worked... the directory that the user gets when they log in is their top level directory....


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