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steve2k 03-10-2004 10:28 AM

ftp large file - lose net connect red hat 6
Hi - I hope someone can answer a question for me. This is driving me nuts. I have a Red Hat 6.2 system. Works great except for one thing. I have a crontab routine that does a system backup. It tars what I need to a large file, then ftps the tarfile to another (windows) box on my network. The files go anywhere from 20MB to 100MB. Usually it works fine, but every once in a while the network connection goes off to a distant land never to return. I can access the Linux system from the keyboard attached to it, but it no longer appears on the network (no ping, no web server, no ftp, etc). I reboot the machine and things are fine again.

FIrst, where can I look to find out what is going on? None of the logs
I looked at tell me anything.

Second, if I can't get around this problem, is there at least a command
I can issue to get the network going without a reboot, one that I could
schedule with crontab until I can upgrade the system?

Thanks for your help,

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