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toastyspoon 05-03-2004 02:44 PM

ftp and stuff
Hi, I'm trying to set up a little ftp server on my RH8 box. Basically I've followed instructions from elsewhere and they got me no-where.

Basically I can obviously FTP my own machine from mozilla, by going to which is fine, but others can't access this. So, im guessing that its because that is probably my IP on my network. I know the IP to the outside world is 8x.1y.3x.6, but obviously people can't FTP to that because it goes into the router, not my PC. So what do i do?



david_ross 05-03-2004 02:55 PM

You will need to login to the admin interface of your router and forward all connections from port 21 to port 21 on the interal IP of your server. It may be under a section called NAT or Port forwarding depending on your router. You may also have to allow connections to port 21 on a different screen depending on your router.

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