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nonothing 12-09-2004 10:35 PM

Fresh Install Freezes on Setting Hostname
ok, well, i first DLed the FC3 .iso's off the redhat site, burned them, and installed FC3 on my AMD XP 1500 with 512 ddr, ati radeon 7500 spare box and all was well, till i rebooted. Once i restarted the box, it hung up after like the 4th time of being rebooted on "setting hostname" i cant move the mouse, nothing. at first i thought this may bee cuz of all the packages i updated, dont know why, but it waan idea, so i booted of the original kernel installed not the one that up2date DLed. No luck. So, i did a fresh install, this time off of an FTP server i set up on one of my windows boxes with all the files off the .iso's. All went well, and i didnt get the new kernel this time when i ran up2date once i booted and got all my settings inputed. Then, after about 2 reboots, same thing, im stuck again, and i dont realy want to re install every time i want to reboot, and if there is a power faliure. So basicly, does anyone know what i can do to fix this? i have let it sit for about an hour with no movement. I cant even move the mouse. Any help would be apreciated. I am a newbie to linux but i want to migrate form windows to linux, and i cant realy do that if i cant boot...and i dont realy want to go back to RH9, thanks

jojotx0 12-09-2004 10:57 PM

is your linux box networked to any other computers? if it isn't then, next time you are able to boot into linux with no problems, try this:

"start--->System Settings--->Server Settings---->Services" when the "Services" program starts, look for "network" in the list on the left, uncheck the box next to it, save, and reboot, this will stop any network activity, like setting up a hostname, hopfully while FC3 is booting it will skip the setting up hostname stuff and you will be able to boot no problem.

if you are setting up a network with this computer then try opening the "Network" configure program, under:

"start---->System Settings----->Network" click on the eth0 card, and click on configure, in the configure box, insert an IP and a NETMASK, the netmask is pretty much always "" if your FC3 box is the main server box (all other computers connect to it through a router) then you can set the IP to any IP you want, if it's being connected to a router (a client computer) then insert an IP starting with the IP of the it would look somthing like this if you had 5 computers connected to a router:


click ok on the configure window, now back at the "Network" setup window click activate, it will say that the configure file is not saved and ask you if you want to save the file, click yes, and it will save the configure file and then activate the NIC, hopefully there shouldn't be any problems when activating the NIC. when this is done I suggest rebooting to test everything out.

HTH ;)

nonothing 12-11-2004 06:36 AM

thank you for that, i will try it, but right now i am reinstalling becuse i couldent get it to boot. Today i will try many methods and do many reinstalls and ill get back to ya'll wich one seemed to work. Also i was thinking if i set the hostname manualy while installing that might work.... We'll find out.

nonothing 12-11-2004 02:26 PM

ok, i got it to work by jsut setting the host name manualy during my install, but thank you for your answers too.

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