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odat 06-07-2001 02:44 PM

I've just learned about wget, which uses ftp or http
to download files. since it just isn't possible to
download large files via a browser, I would like to use
this, if it is possible.

Howver I cannot ftp to localhost
telnet and ftp are installed (rpm -q shows this; so is wget)
they are not commented out in inetd.conf

I saw instructions to ftpd start from IIRC /etc/rc.d/init.d
but this gets something like a "no such command"
I am still looking for instructions but any help would
be very much appreciated.

unSpawn 06-07-2001 10:08 PM

to use wget u dont have to start ftpd. ftpd is the server (daemon) that will need to be started when *u* want to serve downloads to other ppl.
say I want to download microsoft (heh), the I would just issue "wget -c"
*Dont do this tho, itll fetch the whole site for u. :-]

*localhost (aka means ure own box, and even tho the fastest transfer rates uve ever seen are gonna give u a kick, ull be still downloading from and to ureself...

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