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newlinuxguy 12-26-2002 04:45 PM

fire wall question
hello every one

I have a suse 8.1 with suse firewall2 running,

I connect via cable modem

eth0 is my intercard interface from (ifconfig)
eth1 is my LAn interface,

I am trying to set up a firewall with vpn acces to mobile (roadwarrior) and a computer ina house.

I have tried to configure from reading and yast and I am cofused

Please help and thanks in advance

Miky 12-26-2002 06:09 PM

Reading your nickname you really don't know what work it involves.

So i won't give you a solution but try to show you the direction

1. Learn how iptables work; try to understand how to write a rule, how to nat and know everything about tcp/ip

2. The best vpn stuff to implement on linux is freeswan which is the ipsec implementation for linux. It's quite a load of work to make it work with roadwarriors cause you have to patch freeswan and also the kernel. Maybe you should wait for the forthcomming freeswan v2 to to it. But this kind of tunneling is much secure than this one

3. The pptp vpn way is the one that you might have used with microsoft. I recommend you this one if you have a really short term vision. It's not so easy to implement since you have to patch your kernel and the pptp server, configuration is not very difficult.

You should not use yast, graphic interface and specific suse documentation. Sused is made from linux so you will find much more documentation if you wide your search to linux/vpn.

If you need help on freeswan post here again, i'll try to help.


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