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jollyjoice 07-08-2005 03:50 PM

fed 3 -> Sol
Hey guys.
I'm running my lil web server on Fedora 3 currently, well to be honest its not smooth sailing but i am concerned about it losing its support and upgrading etc. I have a copy of SoL 18, and am wondering if I should convert.
I am confident with webmin now so no GUI isn't a problem and fed isn't exactly a server distro. How should I go about converting? I have a few mySQL bits, apache2 & iptables setup. The sites are stored in /mnt/www (a partition ~10Gb) so can I just copy over my webmin config and then set that?
I can backup stuff but am unsure as to how to re-instate mySQL data etc.

Its also a small server with no other backup servers, so taking it down to re-install the os needs to be quick. Should apache or rkhunter be 1st after its on its feet to setup?

Any advice much appreciated.

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