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FLOODS 03-13-2005 02:09 PM

FC3, NetworkManager, and bootup
I'm using FC3 with wlan0 to start on boot. I have multiple wireless networks that I connect to, so I recently heard of NetworkManager to switch between these networks (I'm never in both of them at the same time, btw. two are at school and one is at home).

My only problem now is when I'm at home or school, wlan0 doesn't get an IP (of course, I have it set to connect to any wireless network, though it never connects to any at boot), therefore not mounting SMB filesystems that I have across the network.

The only current way I can get an IP is if I specify the networks name, which isn't an option since I move between them so frequently.

As said, I'm using NetworkManager to connect to the networks and so on. It also eats up time during boot for it to never obtain an IP. It sits there for around 15-20 seconds trying to contact a DHCP server with no luck since I'm not connected to a wireless network. Is there a way for NetworkManager to take control on boot, connect me to a wireless network and obtain an IP during boot? I've already tried moving S98NetworkManager to S07NetworkManager with no luck. Does anyone have a setup like this currently, or know how I would go about getting one?

FLOODS 03-14-2005 10:32 PM

Still looking for a solution to this issue.
I've so far been unable to find any real documentation on NetworkManager. I'm using the gnome applet which will connect me once I'm logged in, but I wish to have this done prior so my samba shares will mount automatically and I won't get the error during boot that I'm unable to obtain an IP address.

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