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reichhorn 05-02-2003 02:22 PM

eth0 will not activate
I just created a new installation on my PC, but I cannot get the eth0 to activate. when the OS is loading, it gets to a commmand similiar to "starting eth0" and then hangs. I can get the os to load using interactive startup, and skipping that step. The Os recognizes the NIc card, but when I try to activate it, the system stalls.
I have redhat 8.0
and the NIC card is a SIS 900/7016Ci


wapcaplet 05-02-2003 02:34 PM

What is eth0 connected to? LAN? Cable? DSL?

reichhorn 05-02-2003 02:41 PM

It is connected to a hub, that is connected to a router, which connects to a cable modem.

manthram 05-02-2003 02:55 PM

post the cotnents of "/etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth0"

are the cables alright. connect any other machine to the same setup and see if is is getting an ip?

reichhorn 05-02-2003 03:08 PM

/sbin/ifcfg: line 25: [: too many arguments
/sbin/ifcfg: line 26: [: -ge: unary operator expected
/sbin/ifcfg: line 27: [: -ge: unary operator expected
/sbin/ifcfg: line 28: [: -ge: unary operator expected
SIOCGIFFLAGS: No such device
Error: cannot enable interface -wth0

The cables are all connected correctly because it is a dual boot system. and everything works fine on the other OS(win xp)


manthram 05-02-2003 03:33 PM

that was the path of the file which contains the configuration options for the interface, it was not a script to run. open the file using that path name and then post the lines in that file

manthram 05-02-2003 03:42 PM

you may want to take a look at this thread

reichhorn 05-02-2003 04:11 PM

here are the contents of the file:

userctl = no
peerdns = yes
type = ethernet
device = eth0
hwaddr = 00:0a:e6:11:f5:1d
bootproto = DHCP
onboot = no


Yozhno 04-22-2004 01:09 AM

All right now this has nothing to do with XP cause I have formated my harddrive a dozen times (trying out different distros) and was unable to activate my NIC. I have the exact same one. Red Hat was the only version that was able to detect it automitically. After my first installation of Red Hat which was the first time I cleaned my system of windows on April 15th Red Hat had no problems getting on the internet. Now that I have reinstalled Red Hat I am having trouble it tells me there is something wrong with the Kernel. I have tried everything...The exact same problem happens to me and I have a different connection. I connect straight to my DSL router. Any suggestions?

Yozhno 04-22-2004 04:27 AM

Ok I want to keep this post on top hence why I am posting again cause I want the damn thing to work. grrrr! There are new drivers for it at least for XP don't know if I need them or how to install them for linux or where to get them...LOL Basically I know nothing so someone elxpain...LOL

Yozhno 04-22-2004 09:38 AM

Ok...Maybe I am being a little pushy...Never had to wait this long for an answer...You guys are making me thinking of going back to XP cause I need my damn internet to work. HELP!


Yozhno 04-22-2004 09:57 AM

Dammit I want to be on top!

Yozhno 04-23-2004 04:13 AM

Damn you guys are alot of help I appreciate it. :mad: :tisk:

Yozhno 04-26-2004 05:26 AM


Yozhno 05-03-2004 06:50 AM


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