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gvaught 06-14-2006 09:52 PM

eth0 configuration lost after power outage
Greetings one and all!

It's been so long since I've done anything (or had to do anything) in Linux for server setup that I might as well be a n00b. My situation is that I have a file server set up - Debian OS running Samba on a Windows/Linux hybrid network. We had a power outage, the server went down badly and now when it boots up all I get is IPv6 address - no address.

And my concern is how do I get my IPv4 addy back? I'm pretty sure there's a file that I need to touch/edit/configure in order to get this working again, but I'm totally fouled as to which file, or its location. Can someone just point me in the right direction?

Thanks in advance.

fedora4002 06-14-2006 10:25 PM

try use

isuck@linux 06-14-2006 10:29 PM

I think there is a switch within ifconfig that tells linux to use ipv4. man ifconfig.

cs-cam 06-14-2006 10:38 PM

It's easy enough to give it an IP but the question is if it's the correct IP. Did the server have a static IP or was it assigned via DHCP or perhaps another method? If you want to do it give a static IP to eth0 then this will do it:

ifconfig eth0

gvaught 06-14-2006 10:58 PM

Previous IP address was DHCP - so I don't know how to set DHCP through ifconfig.

It's fairly late here and I haven't slept in two days so I think this will become a Thursday problem. Thanks for the suggestions, I'll see what I can do with them when I wake up. I'll check back here for anything else that may get posted in the mean time.

cs-cam 06-14-2006 11:36 PM


ifconfig eth0 up
dhcpcd eth0

Should do what you're after. Any problems post back with logs for us to look over :)

gvaught 06-15-2006 07:54 PM

Hey everyone! I found the issue. Seems the LEDs on my NIC weren't lighting up.

I reseated the ethernet cable and all is "fairly" well. Of course, I did the brute-force thing an installed the latest version of the OS, so now I have to reconfigure Samba and SWAT for the file server. <sigh>

Thanks for all of your help. Seriously.

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