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sms-steve 06-01-2004 05:15 AM

ERROR: interface tap1 is not available

I have 2 Suse 9.1 boxes, and am trying to connect them both to an OpenVPN server. The rough procedure is that you start the openvpn service on the client machine, and then run "ifup tap1". The interfaces then gets an IP address from the server and away we go.

One of the boxes however, I get this error message after running the ifup command
"ERROR: Interface tap1 is not available"

What does this mean?

I have made a ifcfg-tap1 file and configured the same as the other box.

Many thanks. Apologies if this is a little trivial....


Technonotice 06-01-2004 06:06 AM

Hmm... I haven't worked with tap devices before, but I remember seeing this in the kernel config:


Universal TUN/TAP device driver support (TUN)
TUN/TAP provides packet reception and transmission for user space
programs. It can be viewed as a simple Point-to-Point or Ethernet
device, which instead of receiving packets from a physical media,
receives them from user space program and instead of sending packets
via physical media writes them to the user space program.

When a program opens /dev/net/tun, driver creates and registers
corresponding net device tunX or tapX. After a program closed above
devices, driver will automatically delete tunXX or tapXX device and
all routes corresponding to it.

It's in the networking section of the kernel config - not sure if you've compiled kernels before - if not, take a look at

I wouldn't know what it's like compiling for Suse though as I'd have thought it's quite a custom kernel. Check in /boot and /usr/src and see if there are any "config" files about (on the machine that works) and we can check if the tap support is compiled in (and deduce if that's the problem).

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