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rockymaxsource 06-12-2007 05:53 AM

Enable read-only SNMP on router

I'm following the tutorial on It says to configure the MRTG to monitor the router traffic, I need to have read-only SNMP enabled on target routers. Our office does not use Cisco routers. We are using TL-R478+ which is a chinese brand. We manage the router by going to I do not see anything indication SNMP. I checked on the manufecture's website and could not find any clue. Can any of you tell me how can I get read-only SNMP enabled on our office's router please?

Thanks a lot!


acid_kewpie 06-12-2007 06:26 AM

well this is up to the router clearly, nothing whatsoever to do with linux... the manual should tell you this, if not, refer to their customer support.

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