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diveguy 03-27-2002 07:58 PM

dsl modem and linux router
I have a computer with two nic cards in it. One card, eth0, is set for dhcp and is connected to my dsl modem. The other nic, eth1, is set to My eth0 gets an ip address and the domain and ns just fine. I've set up ip masq on eth0 for the 192. network. I can ping both nics but cannot get out to the internet. I want to use this computer as the gateway to my dsl connection for my home network. But I first need to make this computer connect to the internet. Any ideas?

BittaBrotha 03-27-2002 10:12 PM

Give this link a good reading. It may help!

diveguy 03-27-2002 11:42 PM

I've checked this site. I am getting the ip address and ns info from the isp and I can ping both nic cards. I cannot ping outside though. So if I have my nic set up to use DHCP and I get the info does that not mean my ISP uses DHCP to assign me my address?

diveguy 03-28-2002 12:15 AM

It's working now
Came home from work...decided to refresh the nic card...deactivated it...activated all my info again...and now it works. And my other computers are routing through it just fine. Guess sometimes just have to step away.


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