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bardinjw 07-18-2003 03:06 PM

dnsmasq startup
i'm trying to use dnsmasq as a local caching dns server.
actually i'm using it right now. i just can't get it to start when i bootup.

i changed my dhclient-script to create a file /etc/resolve.dnsmasq, containing the dns servers that dhcp returns.

my resolve.conf just has

i added
"/usr/sbin/dnsmaq -r /etc/resolv.dsnmasq"
to rc.local because i think this is the last startup script run and i want all the dhcp stuff taken care of.

when i first boot, i can't get any name resolution, but if i kill dnsmasq, and restart it with the same command line everything works fine.

any ideas?

bardinjw 07-19-2003 04:16 AM

ok, so i had some time to check my logs.
dnsmasq starts fine from the rc.local script.
but i have the switch "-r /etc/resolv.dnsmasq" in the command line.
it ignores this and goes to the default resolv.conf, which it then ignores because this is localhost.

when i kill the process and run the command line manually, it reads the correct file and the world is good. or atleast my web surfing is.

can anyone tell me what's happening here?

bardinjw 07-19-2003 04:36 AM

for anyone with a similar problem:

make sure that the process isn't started by a script at a lower level!!!

init.d started the program, and the script actually did nothing.

thank you me for the answer.

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