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Kropotkin 11-10-2004 10:18 AM

DNS proxy on router: useful?
Hello all,

I have a question about DNS configuration.

I am using Fedora Core 3 and am connecting to the net through a router and an ADSL line. The person who first installed Fedora for me configured DNS lookups to go through the DNS proxy service offered on the router (which in turn pointed to the DNS servers of my ISP.)

Given that I am the only user of my connection, is the necessary/desirable? Alternately, would it make more sense to configure DNS to use the ISP's DNS servers directly? Or, is it worth installing a DNS server on my own box?

Thanks for your time and have a nice day...

peter_robb 11-10-2004 11:35 AM

It can be when there are lots of hits going to the same url..
The proxy won't spend time talking to the ISP and will just deliver the ip number quickly..

But, if it's just you, the advantages would be small..

And it's another daemon to maintain and prevent abuse on from Internet crawlers...

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