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rbblue 05-01-2008 02:15 PM

DNS not replicating
hey all,

I'm kinda stuck here and hopefully you all will be able to help me out.

I have registered my domain with godaddy.

setup my dns server to point to my linux box,

created my dns entry's,

made a windows dns server as s slave, and set up replication between the two...

when i run nslook up the servers directly... they came back as they should..

i made a www record, but for some reason.. and it's ben 48 hours... it's not replicating to the worlds DNS servers.

any suggestions?

krquinby 05-01-2008 04:43 PM


Please either post your domain name or start by doing a whois lookup of your domain to see which servers the world is checking for your DNS entries.

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