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nikhiljosh 04-06-2003 08:09 PM

Diskless Nodes

I tried to configure Diskless Nodes in our college. I'm first
trying with one server and one client. Now the client is able to identify itself and the server i.e. it knows the IP address of the server.

However I am not able to ping the client from the server.
Also the client starts loading the kernel. However the Kernel does not load fully and the booting does not continue. I have no clue what may be the problem. I went through LTSP documentation but I could not figure out from that too.

Please guide.


I saw that there are two LED's on the Network Card and one glows continuosly and other blinks according to the traffic. I guess the constantly ON LED is clock signal/Carrier or something.

Now when I directly connect the cable from Server to the node there is no LED glowing. However when I connect them through Hub the LED glows.

Do I need to use a hub just to connect one Server and one node?

This is from a person who has no knowledge whatsoever of Networking.

Please bear with me.

michaelk 04-06-2003 10:27 PM

One LED is usually NIC speed (ie the one that is alwasy on) and the other is for traffic. No you do not need a hub but with out the hub the network connection is lost because you need a cross over cable to connect two PC's together. It is similar in principle to a null modem serial cable. i.e. swapping the RX and TX pins.

I can't help you much on diskless work stations.

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