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dannyboy259 01-10-2002 08:17 PM

Dial-In PPP dial-in server/ Cable-modem & LAN / Setting up "dannyboyOnline"
Greetings all,

Here's what I'm attempting to accomplish....

RedHat 7.1 dial-in server which will act as ISP through my cable modem/DSL connection.

I've got several RH7.1 boxes running on an internal LAN all branched off of a Netgear 314 router ( connected to my cable-modem. The router is running DHCP server, although one of my computers (the web server) is configured to demand static port ( that's for the port forwarding from the router).

I have another RH7.1 dial-in server set up for DHCP from router, leased address on

I've properly set up the dial-in server portion, configuring the pppd and mgetty correctly (this was tested through telephone line simulator from laptop running win98). When the dialin client is running, it's address is (this was set from the dialin server).

I am able to do the following:

1) Ping other hosts in the LAN that the server is connected to from the dial-in client.
2) Open web page on internal LAN server from the dial-in client when using IP number.
3) Ping the dial-in client from other hosts on the LAN.

This tells me that the proxyarp is working correctly, and that general settings of Mgetty and pppd are correct (I think).

What I am not able to do:

1) Resolve any hostnames from the dial-in client, even hosts that are included within the host table on the dial-in server.

I've run ethereal on the dial-in server simultaniously on both the ppp0 and the eth0 segments and proven to myself that the issue is on the dial-in server. The name resolution requests are not even making it past the server over to the LAN. All name resolution requests returning to the dial-in client are all "destination host unreachable."

I've checked the routing tables on both the dial-in client and's what they say....

points correctly at the main firewall router on my LAN for gateway(,
points correctly at the AT&T nameserver for DNS resolution.

Points initially at itself ( as gateway for *.*.*.*

I've read all I can find, and I think that I might be at the point where I have to run named on the dial-in server to get name resolution. Am I correct?

If I do have to run named, can I solve my problem by simply running it as a caching server with "forwarding" set to the nameservers given by my ISP?

Any help would be appreciated....

Dan Devine

xanthium 01-12-2002 03:56 AM

Yes ur right
Hi ,

let me be honest first : i didnt have the patience to go through the whole of ur email. But i highly appreciate ur mannerism in including all the details possible. Hope all people follow ur example.

When ip address is leased to ur dialin clients do they get value for their dns server as well ...... try giving them the dns server thru dhcp ( ie; all clients get the ip address as well sever which will resolve names for them ).

U just wont need named but something of the nature of dynamic DNS. Yes ur right about the forwarding part.



njauhari 01-12-2007 01:40 AM

Did you done the proper setup of the DNS servers in /etc/ppp/options.server file?

Entries should look like

asyncmap 0
ms-dns #replace with DNS address Primary
ms-dns #replace with DNS address Slave

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