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exitsfunnel 06-05-2005 09:28 PM

DHCP related boot problem on IBM T30

I'm not sure if this is really a 'linux' problem or not, or if it is, if this is the correct forum, but here goes: I'm staying in a hotel and I've got two laptops with me (T30 and T40) both of which are dual boot (Win2000 / RHEL). The hotel has high speed internet access. I've had to do some swapping between machines depending on what I'm looking at and until just recently they have both worked great.

I just unplugged the ethernet cable from the T40, plugged it into the T30 (which by defaults boots into Windows) and booted it. Now things aren't so good :( A message pops up which lists a MAC address and says something about DHCP with a little spinning
cursor. Finally, things time out and there is a message which says something to the effect of "PXE-E53 No Boot Filename Received. Exiting Intel Boot Agant - No Operating System Found."

If I force a restart by holding down the power button, the same thing happens again. If I unplug the cable and force a restart, it skips the DHCP stuff but I end up again at 'No Operating System Found.'

I am prompted with the opportunity to enter the BIOS setup before I get to the errors, but I have no idea what changes I might make there. I should mention that this happened to me one other time while I was travelling and basically things just fixed themselves.
I left the machine alone for a couple of days and then next time I restarted it, to my surprise, it booted right up.

Thanks in advance for any thoughts, and I apologize of this is off topic.


exitsfunnel 06-05-2005 11:29 PM

Okay, so I've done some research and it appears that this is neither a Linux problem nor a Network problem. The DHCP stuff is a bit of a red herring; the real problem is that the machine is all of the sudden unable to recognise my HDD. It seems there is not much I can do about it. Thanks anyway.


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