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gburch 11-04-2004 05:23 PM

DDNS updates to seperate box
I've been searching google for various combinations of ddns, dns, and dhcp for a few days, yet seem unable to find an answer to my question.

Is it possible to have a Red Had dhcp server update a Windows 2000 dns server with a hostname/address whenever it assigns a lease?

All the info I've found so far about Dynamic DNS seems to assume, or imply that the DNS server in question is using BIND, and on the same box. Is it possible to do what I want, or am I dreaming?

Thank you in advance

scowles 11-04-2004 05:49 PM

If I had a ADS server here, I would test by changing the following in dhcpd.conf

zone {
      key dhcp_updater;
}; (note the primary change)

zone {
      key dhcp_updater;

gburch 11-04-2004 05:55 PM

I apologise in advance if this is a dumb question, but what is an ADS Server?

scowles 11-04-2004 06:07 PM

ADS= Active Directory Server

Just point the primary entry (mentioned in my reply) to the IP address of your MS DNS server and see if nsupdate works. I would think if there is going to be a problem, its going to be with the KEY. i.e. kerberos

gburch 11-04-2004 07:50 PM

There isn't an active directory server in this particular network, in fact, there is no centralised administration at all (we have about 130 users in a workgroup model). The server was originally set up as DNS to look up internet addresses and cache them, it's only recently that I've begun to use dns for local network addressing. Previously, it was all WINS for local addressing.

I'll try your suggestion though, and let you know the results.

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