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gugabaga 02-21-2006 04:29 PM

Customizing DNS Cache so that it resolves to local ip address

I have setup a mail server using Fedora 3 + Postfix + Cyrus IMAP + Saslauthd. I also have a internet gateway setup in my local lan with DNS caching on.

How do I setup my DNS cache to resolve DNS queries for from clients to point to local ip address, which in this case is At the present moment I am having to type the ip address in all my client nodes to have acccess to smtp and pop/imap services.

The internet gateway using IPTABLES masquerade has ip of


paul_mat 02-21-2006 05:27 PM

okay, well you'll want to look into bind (the linux DNS server), now i'm at uni at the moment and i don't have access to my named.conf and other configuration files so i can't show you any examples.

you'll also want to look into webmin, it has an exellent web interface into bind.

you'll want to set all your client's DNS servers to be the ip-address of your DNS server.

Look into DNS, bind & named

it should be pretty strange forward once you get webmin installed and you understand the basics of DNS.

I have a how-to for setting up a internal Dyn DNS server on my website listed below, but that might be a little more advanced than what your looking for.

gugabaga 02-22-2006 04:40 AM

Thanks paul for replying to my mail.

I am in the process of reading materials on DNS and BIND. I will go to your site and see if that helps as well.

I will keep you posted.

thanks once again


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