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Arron 03-30-2004 10:21 AM

Custom inetd daemon
I want to run a daemon called webcam_server from inetd. Currently it runs no problem by itself, but when i put it into the inetd.conf file, first connection opens for a second then says closed connection, then any connections are refused untill i restart the inetd.

I have tried nowait wait and so forth. this is my entry (webcam1 is in services file)

webcam1 stream tcp nowait *username* /usr/bin/webcam_server -args

should it be raw instead? should the args be in ""? For the last 2 feilds i ahve tried;

/usr/bin/webcam_server /usr/bin/webcam_server -args
/usr/bin/webcam_server -args
/usr/bin/webcam_server webcam_server -args

I assume it should be
/usr/bin/webcam_server webcam_server -args

The documents dont go into it to far... does the daemon need to close itself when the connection is closed, or does inetd monitor this? And what else should i be looking for?



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