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arew264 03-06-2006 09:33 PM

CUPS Printer Refuses to Print from Network
I have a HP Deskjet 5550 attached to a linux box running CentOS. CentOS cane with CUPS preinstalled and recognized and installed the printer immediatly. I am trying to get it to print over the network (I am currently setting it up as http://my-ip:631/printers/hpdj5550). I can log on to CUPS from any other computer (I made sure to change the location directive), and even set the config so I can log in and administrate it from any other computer, yet while I can print a test page from the web gui from anywhere and print documents from the linux box, I can't print anywhere else. There are no errors, it simply won't print. The only hint of an error that I have gotten was when I got samba working and had the printer shared, and when I opened the printer queue, the title bar said
hpdj5550 on Lagbox Access denied, unable to connect

What is going on here? Why can I access CUPS but not print? ANy help would be greatly appreciated as I have little experience with CUPS (on Debian I just installed hplip, set up the printer in CUPS and it worked).

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