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GoofyX 02-13-2004 04:32 PM

"Couldn't set pass-filter in kernel" ppp deamon error

I finally managed to compile a 2.6 kernel series. 2.6.2 kernel boots fine,
sound is ok, though I have to manually configure some of the modules. I also
installed the latest NVIDIA driver which supports the 2.6 kernel series.

OK, I login to KDE, I dial-up to my usual ISP, but the connection does not
work. Authentication is fine, the isp gives me an IP address, but nothing
more. Looking at KInternet's log window, I notice this error:
"Couldn't set pass-filter in kernel: Invalid argument"

This is under the 2.6.2 kernel. Using grep, I searched for the pass-filter
expression in the kernel sources and saw that is has to do with the ppp-filter
kernel option, which in my case is compiled built-in the kernel, so this
should (probably) work fine. Now, what?

I searched a little bit in Google, but unfortunately, I didn't find something
clear for this. All I know is that is has to do with the ppp daemon. So, has
anyone faced this specific problem before and found a solution? I'm using SuSE
9 Pro with kernel 2.6.2 (from


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