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jdevanand 03-03-2002 04:06 PM

connection refused problem.

i have two RH7.2 box's connected.Ping with each addresses works .but telnet , ssh,rlogin doesnt work. I get connection refused message. I have added the IP and domain name in /etc/host.allow and /etc/host. even then doesnt work.. i have enabled the services in servicesonf ..even then it doesnt work...what should i do to access the files on each of these systems from the NFS settings..?

please reply..

bbenz3 03-03-2002 06:15 PM

are you running any type of firewall at all right now, either the built in one or one you created. If so that is very likely the problem. I am having that problem too where I can't use ssh b/c of my firewall script and I haven't figure it out yet.

jdevanand 03-04-2002 12:30 PM


how to disable the firewall. I just installed ..and did not make any firewall settings..
where to make the changes..(files)


jimval7 03-04-2002 03:58 PM

Hopfully some answers

I think i know what your problem is, I think you have your ssh port turned off. The reason I came up with that conclusion is because (didnt u get your firewall tested on ?) your score on your firewall was 0 (stealth). WELL, I tested mine and I too run ssh and I was docked points. If you scored a 0 on your firewall then you had your ssh port (22) closed. You don't have ssh (22) port open so you didnt get docked. Anyway, try opening and try your ssh.


check to see if you have a /etc/rc.d/rc.firewall, check in there and see if you have certain things disabled. To remove it just rename it to something else.

jdevanand 03-04-2002 07:30 PM

thankz benz3 n jimval7

i have used lokkit and made the firewall settings to 0. now i could connect to the system. I have minimized the firewall cuz i dont connect to the net. win modem drivers for zoom 3025 :-( ...

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