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Satriani 05-04-2003 09:54 AM

configuring eth0 Which files??
Hi all!

I finally have my NETGEAR MA401RA working, thanks to this forum and resources on the internet....

It initially did not have an eth0 device... I added one with the GUI-tool Network Device setup (neat-control).

The only "prob" was that I couldn't select PCMCIA orinoco_cs So i selected PCMCIA wavelan_cs

It works now, but I want to have eth0 orinoco_cs.
Which files should I edit, or how should i do this?

Second thingie is WEP.. I have WEP 64bits with a shared key enabled on the access-point, and runs fine with M$ windows.
To see if I could connect with the AP i turned it off. But i would like to turn in on again. In which file should I add the shared key, and what should be in this file ?


Satriani 05-04-2003 02:12 PM

Let me rephrase the previous questions:

How to bind a specific driver to a specific ethX device ???


acid_kewpie 05-04-2003 02:14 PM

well you'd set the alias in /etc/modules.conf

alias eth0 8139too

for example

Satriani 05-04-2003 02:25 PM

Thanks! That was the solution! However, since its a pcmcia card, i get this annoying messages while booting: "Card not found, delaying eth0"

Is this just a matter of changing the numbers in /etc/rc.d/rc3.d in front of pcmcia and network?

And is this the right level?? Thanks for your help!

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