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pal 02-14-2005 08:57 AM

configure squid with lvs------------------
We are a group of students working on Linux virtualserver (LVS) project.We want to implement Squid services through LVS.We had implemented already Mailservers through LVS.We are facing some problems on configuring LVS with squid.Kindly spare some time to solve our problem:
We are using LVS with two ethernet cards( eth0 ,eth1) and one Realserver (working as squid ) having one ethernet card . We are using two networks .One with LVS eth0 and clients side .And other with
LVS eth1 and realserver side.We are using LVS-NAT method. We are giving an example:-

LVS--------------- eth0 ( Clients side interface )
LVS--------------- eth1 (realserver side interface)
Realserver1----- eth0 (squid server)
Client side-------- eth0
The default gateway of Realserver is (i.e. LVS eth1).

Without LVS Squid is working fine.With LVS if we Schedule the clients
internet requests to be forwarded to Realserver(squid) as follows
ipvsadm -A -t -s wlc
ipvsadm -a -t -r -m
But the problem is the client internet request (as per above scheduling) should goto squid( squid itself is not capable of serving internet requests.It has to contact with some webserver ( e.g. .The default gateway of Squid is LVS eth1.So, Squid has to goto internet through LVS only.Then What exactly should we write in the LVS server and Realserver so that the client requests should be served properly.

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