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dmcmahon 09-03-2006 10:37 PM

Comcast DNS very slow under FC5
I have run into what appears to be a well-known problem for Linux users with Comcast service, for some reason the DNS servers are incredibly slow to respond to Linux, though they appear to work OK for Windows for reasons passing understanding.

I have fixed the problem by editing /etc/resolv.conf and hard-coding some well-known fast DNS servers. Unfortunately, the file is overwritten on each reboot as the DHCP operations override them. Unlike the dialog box for Windows, the Linux network setup dialog doesn't seem to let me tick a box to indicate that the settings should be saved. Is there some way I can edit a script somewhere in /etc to prevent the overwrite? It's a pain to have to recopy resolv.conf after each boot-up. I suppose I could use chattr to lock the file but I'd prefer not to do that.



camh 09-04-2006 01:47 AM

If you're using dhclient for obtaining leases, you can add the line:


supersede domain-name-servers <dns1-ip>, <dns2-ip>;
to your /etc/dhclient.conf. This will tell dhclient to overwrite the values obtained from the dhcp server with your specified ones.

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