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arzvi 12-01-2011 09:01 PM

Clustering using VMWare Images, how ???
I would like to understand the basics, setup of a cluster. I have a powerful machine in i7, 6 gb ddr3 Ram. I was thinking why not clone a same ubuntu vmware image as 4-5 ones, start them up together and work as a cluster. But my thoughts couldn't be converted as actions as I don' t know anything about clustering, how to make 1 system know the other, how to attach static IP, or what cluster software is free/easiest to maintain.

I am thinking of installing multi-partitioned database server in either DB2 or Oracle and use 1 other system in my home network as application server and want to play around.

Please link me to any articles/cluster software that are free/easy, and how to make 1 system know the other 1? meaning how to even mount 1 vmware image in another etc.


jefro 12-02-2011 03:25 PM

My guess is that a cluster on a single system would be way slower than a single computer running the process.

So, let us separate this a bit. A VM for the most part should be treated like a real computer. Any cluster is normally used to multiply the processing power of a single computer to distribute work over many systems.

From this point of view, what do you wish to achieve with your cluster?

For just making a cluster then I'd look at the rocks cluster or other knoppix cluster pre-made deals. It would work over real or vm systems as long as the tcp routing is correct.

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