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Terri 06-05-2001 09:39 AM

I need some serious help w/ the ica client on red hat 7.1.
I have a thread posted in general and have not recieved any responses there yet.
Perhaps you networking folks can help.
I've got the client downloaded and it appears to be extracted -i have an ica clients folder w/ lots of files in it- but i cannot get it going.
ANYTHING would be greatly apperciated -including, but not limited to a big kick in the head-.

SensFan 06-05-2001 11:26 AM

What files are in the directory? when you say extract I assume .tar.gz file. Usually the readme will say what to do, exactly. Sometimes they come with a script which will walk you through the installation. I have never done a Citrix install on Linux so I'm not sure. If you see a configure file in the directory you can run that
make install

if it was a .rpm file then and you installed (rpm -Uvh ica-citrix-XXXX) it then you just need to find the executeable for that software, look for the place it installed to and find any files with an * they can be executed.

I have used the client and server on NT/2000 before but never in Linux. Hope that helps a little bit :)

Terri 06-06-2001 01:12 PM

Thank you for your assistance.
An intelligent induvidual names linuxcool has helped a great deal, and his reply is in general -in case you ever need to know-

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