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RecoilUK 10-10-2001 03:43 PM

Chat software
Hi guys

I was wondering if anyone knows of a way of setting up a chat server, kind of like irc, but more like the zone from microsoft, as I want to setup a chat server which ppl will be able to join fron both Linux and Windows. I,ve figured out that some programming will be needed, i,m just interested in your opinions.

Thx guys

Stay kewl

Recoil UK

JustinHoMi 12-09-2001 09:55 PM

Eek I hate it when people don't reply to topics.

No programming required. Grab an irc server, and one of the many irc java applets available at sourceforge or freshmeat. looks like it might be a good one!

JustinHoMi 12-09-2001 09:55 PM


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