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zaraza 10-22-2003 06:58 PM

chang ip
i'm using cable provider to connect on Internet :)
i trud to change mu ip with dhcpcd and it worked...
my question is...what happens if i change ip to already asigned ip?

DMR 10-22-2003 07:23 PM

If you use an IP that is assigned to another active machine on a network, all sorts of strange things can happen (not being able to connect at all, randomly getting dropped offline, etc.)

If you just mean that you obtained a new IP from your ISP, don't worry- they take care of making sure you get a unique IP.

zaraza 10-22-2003 07:28 PM

i mean change ip to whatever i want (on my network) not obtained ip from isp....but ok thanks :)

DMR 10-22-2003 09:29 PM

If you are using DHCP, why are you changing/setting the IP manually? That pretty much defeats the purpose of DHCP, no?

zaraza 10-23-2003 04:42 AM

well yes...but i'm just looking around :)

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