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Data-Base 06-16-2004 12:48 PM

Central Auth. Server
hello ... is th4ere any why to make a central server that all the users name and pass will be in it ... and it is connected to more than 10 clients so it will let just the people which have there usernames and passwords in the server have access to the clients ..that it has it's won OS (linux) and the clients are not connected to a terminal server ....

and have the home/[username] based on the server .... so all the desktop settings and the personal files will be on the server .. and can be accessed from any client.

I know there is NIS server doing this .. but it is not used any more .....

I would like to also know what is the diffrent between LDAP and Kerberos

and how i can use them in my case ......

and which Linux Distrbuation has this ability (to run LDAP and Kerberos as servers) with out the need to install one ????

I'm planing to test Fedora Core 2 or/and Mandrake Official 10 (wich one is better as client ???) in my case ... fedora has build in clint for this Auth. servers dose mandrake has it too???

and how many MAX number of clients I can have connected in this way ???

this whole thing will help to deside if our school will move to linux or not !!!!!!

thank you very much for your time

take care

linuxxed 06-17-2004 10:30 AM

you don;t ask many questions, do you?

There is no such thing and whcih is the best distro in linux. It is a matter of preference. I would recommend OpenLDAP for your task. Settng up can be a bit painful but extremely powerful.

Data-Base 06-17-2004 12:00 PM

hello ...

If we don't ask .. then we will never learn :rolleyes: ...

Thanks I saw this site before ... and I have my eyes on it ... but I thought there is another way

and I saw that SuSE Enterprise Server 8 has this option !!!

I don't know ... what do you say about that.

Thank you again for your time and help :p

Take Care :D

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