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CentOS mail setup - sendmail via external SMTP server
I am setting up a CentOS box as a NAT firewall that needs to also send mail. It needs to send this mail using an outside provider's SMTP. The provider requires SMTP over SSL. None of the machines inside the NAT will ever send mail except via the provider's SMTP nor will they ever receive mail except to local clients via the provider's IMAP servers.

So for the example the machine is TESTMACHINE. There is one internet facing ethernet port connected to a DSL modem via pppoe.

The SMTP it needs to send mail via is which requires SMTP over SSL (port 465) and username/password authentication.

The sendmail documentation is quite confusing on how to get this simple setup operating, so an example showing the appropriate changes to and other require config files would be a HUGE help.

Thanks. 07-31-2011 05:29 AM

Most of the solution
After much hunting I found which is most of the solution.

I also had to install sendmail-cf in order to rebuild the config files.

Another missing step was to build the cert - simple enough, just:

make sendmail.pem
from the cert directory

At some point I may switch from the google servers our primary email provider but for now it works.

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