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digitalnet 09-06-2001 10:59 AM

Can't seem to mount NTFS shares using RedHat 7.0
I try to mount a ntfs share using mount -t smbfs -o username=username,password=password \\\\BUILD2\\C$ /mnt/dnfiles. I repeatedly receive the error message "execvp of smbmnt failed. Error was No such file or directory.smbmnt failed: 1"

And yes the share exists...

What can i do....


Steave 09-06-2001 11:37 AM

I guess C$ is a share generated by Win2k for some administrative use. I could not be accessible via smb. Try making another share and mount that one.

digitalnet 09-06-2001 12:33 PM

Thanks for the info

It doesn't matter what share that I use I get the same error message...

I have Samba 2.2 installed and configured and have no luck. However, I can use smbclient and connect to share and use the simple ftp commands to get and put files. This will not do. I really need to be able to mount an area....


sancho5 09-06-2001 06:27 PM

what if you try the command:

smbmount //server/share <local_mountpoint>
where //server/share is the share that you are trying to remotely mount (map a share to) and <local_mountpiont> is the existing folder on your filesystem you are mounting it to? It seems to me that samba will mount files, regardless of which filesystem the remote share is (similar to the way you can mount NTFS shares on a win95 box, which doesn't understand NTFS; it is masked by the SMB protocol)

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