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raven 05-24-2002 10:41 AM

cant reach network with suse73

i have a compac deskpro en workstation, with onboard intel network card (intel 82820 chip) and SUSE 7.3. my problem is, that i:

1. cannot connect to the dhcp server (although hostname nameserver and gateway are correctly set up), i get a timeout.

2. if configuring for static IP, cannot ping anyone (destination host unreachable)

the driver for the network card is the right one, as far as I see, (insmod works fine), but a very strange IRQ is assigned to the card: IRQ 20... ??? (this is the same with the USB-Controller, it has IRQ 23).

personal gateway is completely deactivated, and there was some option to set in the yast2 configurator (it said something about that I need it if I want to use dhcpcd to get an IP from the dhcp server), which I activated (the way it should be).

i have no clue what might be wrong. the cable and the switch I am on, are working fine.

help pls!


SiliconBadger 05-24-2002 10:57 AM

Destination host unreachable
I don't know anything about setting up DHCP, but the destination host unreachable part sounds like you're trying to connect to a system that is not on your subnet, and you don't have the route to that network in your routing table, or don't have a default gateway setup.

I'm used to simple Class C subnets, where the subnet mask is, so that without a gateway, I can directly contact everything on my subnet (i.e. 139.169.134.*). In the past, when I've gotten that error, it was because say I was trying to ping, well, it's on a different subnet, so it won't work unless I have a default route in the routing table to my gateway. Say my gateway is, I do this:

route add default gw

Once I've done that, now my packets will reach destinations outside my subnet, so long as the gateway address is actually a valid address for a working gateway ;)

Hope this helps at least somewhat.

raven 05-24-2002 04:57 PM

well yes, that is correct, but i was actually trying to ping my gateway, (which IS on the same subnet), and even that didnt work.

when i set the IP manually, I made sure, to set the netmask and broadcast address correctly. so it should have worked. i was observing network traffic (tcpdump) and I saw packets leaving the device, but none returned (of course not).

I was able to ping my own IP (well, this one usually works).

besides the system itself was not able to set up a defaut route, because the network device could not be brought up...

it seems to me that the whole story is because of a wrong kernel driver.

thanks anyway.


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