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rob.rice 05-13-2009 10:06 PM

can't access public wifi BUT wifi works on my router at home
the only error message I can find comes from "dmesg|tail"all it shows is
"no IPv6 router"
any body know what is going on here or where where to look for more clues
the next time I get around public wifi
Oh the windoze washers and apple polishers don't seem to have any problems at all

Drakeo 05-13-2009 10:26 PM


no IPv6 router
this is exactly what that means the server you are trying to connect to does not use the new ipv6 this is not the problem yes if you want to connect to an open public wifi then all you need to do is type in a terminal dhcpcd. or install wicd from slackware extra and let it be the workhorse it has been since 12.0
you have a profile set up to connect to your router at home hopefully it is encrypted.
so when you go to public wifi it is sending info not needed to connect (static conection or a passphrase) and being kicked out.
so configure the connection and (profile for it) as open and connect.
when the wifi or net card tries to auto dhcpcd it looks for IPV4 and IPV6 no IPV6 input then out put is

no IPv6 router
that tells you it has looked for it and it is not there.Thats ok 90 percent of routers are IPV4.

Please google IPV6
so lets say the router is the new IPV6 the out put would be configure net card for IPV6.
good luck.
if you would have coneccted there would have been no out put. but trust me 99 percent of public wifi today is IPV4.

rob.rice 05-13-2009 10:57 PM

well I do have wicd installed
no I'm running the router factory defaults
there is no way what so ever a war driver can get with range of my wifi
(I live on a boat at the end of a 1000 foot boat dock)
there is also another open wifi connection within reach of the war drivers
the harbor master has an open wifi network

Drakeo 05-14-2009 07:35 AM

just because it is open does not mean it is able to be used. Here on campus we have many open routers I keep referring to routers because that is what a wifi card needs to connect to to get a dhcpcd. it is open because many of them require pppoe with the wifi. you will see more of this in the future do to WIMAX is going to be big some day here. So open does not mean open to public just open to receive a protocol.
and do not fall into adhoc.

can't access public wifi BUT wifi works on my router at home
and you also said.

no I'm running the router factory defaults
another reason you can't connect to a open router is the router may be preassigned mac (device) numbers so only those mac devices can connect.
If it is a open none encrypted wifi with out limits then you will connect take your laptop to the library or coffee shop or any hot spots and try it.

rob.rice 05-15-2009 01:59 AM

OK fine
so what modules do I need to load to get IPv4 protocol working ?
how can I tell weather I need ppoe or not ?
NO it dose not work at most coffee shops it dose work at the library

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