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jaydave 03-14-2003 05:02 PM

Can't access Linux web server web pages from LAN client
I am new at using Linux and just got Mandrake Linux 9.0 on my machine
and trying setting up a small LAN using the Linux box as my server with
two Mac OS 9 clients and one Window 98 SE client. I only have one of the
Mac's connected to the LAN right now until I learn what the hell I am

Now for the problem, I setup the DHCP server and got that working and
everthing seems to work fine. Then I got my web sever (Apache 1.3) up
and running. I can access my web pages on the server itself with the
addresses http://localhost/ and but can't access them
from my client.
Can somebody please tell me what i'm doing wrong or what I'm not doing right?

tcaptain 03-14-2003 05:25 PM

Are you typing in hostname or from your other PCs?

Sorry for checking the obvious mistake....

You'd have to type in http://the ip address of your webserver here:80 and see if that works

jaydave 03-14-2003 07:48 PM

Still no luck
Thanx tcaptain
I found and tried my host IP and without the :80
and still no success.
If the host IP for the machine is still the wrong one then where do find the right server IP?

maildhanraj 03-16-2003 02:30 AM

hey jaydave !
well did u check the error log and access log files of the web server and are you able to ping to the server with that ip address from the client i.e ping and what does it shows when u try to access the web server from the client side browser ? and check the fire wall rules !!!
act accordinly
post the relpy
dhanraj sheth

Finlay 03-16-2003 02:38 AM

on your win98 box, ping the netbios name of your linux box and it will resolve the IP. if you are not using samba or didn't setup a netbios name then that won't work.

Or on your linux box as root type, ifconfig
this will tell you your ip address for all your nics

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