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donv2 04-29-2011 12:11 AM

Can ping but can't wget - strange network behavior
Hi, really puzzled by this and looking for help and sanity checking.

I have a small ARM machine running an Arch linux variant, PlugApps. It was set up and working fine at my home, with a standard networking setup -- cable modem and router. I could do pretty much anything I needed to access the net fine.

This machine is a remote monitoring system for another location. I shipped it to that location and am now trying to get it set up using another set of hands on site. There it is on the network behind a dsl modem and a router. I forwarded ports from the dsl modem to the router and from the router to the ARM computer.

In both cases the ARM machine is/was configured to use dhcp.

So here's the deal:
  • I can ssh into the ARM machine just fine.
  • I can ping hosts on the wan fine (eg:
  • wget fails for not being able to resolve a valid address (eg:
  • the PlugApps package management system (pacman) cannot resolve the repository address
  • the openntp time sync isn't working

On the new network, I am able to connect to another client windows PC which has the same associated network info (Bcast address, Mask, etc. - comparing windows "ipconfig" vs linux "ifconfig" outputs) but which can resolve addresses for web browsing, etc.

What am I missing? If it can resolve addresses for pings, why can't it work for other address requests? If I can ssh interact with it, why can't it connect to the net for other purposes?

donv2 04-29-2011 11:47 AM

Just for anyone following after me, I was able to put in place a workaround if not an actual fix.

I ended up forcing a set of nameserver entries into /etc/resolv.conf through use of /etc/resolv.conf.head. This file is read into resolv.conf on boot when using dhcp. After adding the google, opendns, etc. nameservers into the set up, addresses can now be resolved and it all works.

There must be something strange about the router/dsl modem network set up that was not providing lookup services by the default via dhcp.

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