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Ibrahim 03-24-2004 11:32 AM

can not browse tomcat webserver on linux from windows
I have redhat linux 9.0 on P4 machine. also I have windows XP on the same machine.

I am connected to internet through DSL router with static IP. I can ping my external IP address from linux, but I am not able to do it on windows through dos command window.

On linux, I installed tomcat 5, and I configured it to start my web application. I run tomcat as a standalone, no apache is runing

when I try to open my application from other linux machine using mozila browser, through the internet by typing:http://my_static_ip_address:8080/myapp

It works fine, and I can access my website.

If I try to do the same thing from any windows box it fails to load my application. even if I try to load the tomcat webpage by doing http://my_static_ip_address:8080, it fails. the browser will show a portion of it, only the tomcat logo.

I tried to use netscap 7 and IE 5, both fails to load my website page.

any help.

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