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ticky87 07-30-2004 01:24 AM

Can logon to ISP but can't do anything else
My Internet connection works fine under windows. I can connect just fine under Linux. However, once I connect over Linux, I can't browse the Internet. All my programs still work. All Mozilla does is say "Connecting to site.." and sit there. My ISP says that the DNS servers should configure automatically, however they offer 2 servers in case the auto config doesn't work. I've tried it both ways (auto and I specify) and it's the same response. What do I do?

ppuru 07-30-2004 01:46 AM

can you ping using an ip address?

can you

#dig ns

check the contents of /etc/resolv.conf

darthtux 07-30-2004 02:02 AM

In /etc/resolv.conf you want to put your ISP's DNS servers. Only the IP address.


ticky87 07-30-2004 10:31 PM

Problem Fixed. As to why it didn't work. I still have no clue. It was a new (subscribed same day) ISP. But it worked just fine under windows. Then this morning I was locked out. Then tonight it's perfect. Maybe they had to add me to their database or something. Well at least it's one less problem. Thanks for your help.

ppuru 07-31-2004 06:36 AM

Yes, someone from the ISP must have posted a query and some great soul onLQ must have helped them out ;) :D ... just kidding...

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