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lidbjork 09-05-2012 06:06 PM

Can I do this with OpenVPN (and Shorewall) ...
I'm running a webserver which also acts as a router/firewall, routing my internet traffic via masquerading to my desktop Linux computer. The firewall is set up with Shorewall and works great.

Now I wanna anonymize my bittorrent traffic by using an external OpenVPN service provider which tunnels my internet connection to another IP number (which is not associated with me). But I still want to run my webserver through my real IP. As such:


Anonymous            Real
IP number            IP number
(for bittorrent)      (for http, etc.)
    \                  /
    \                /
    VPN            /
      \            /
        \          /
        \        /
          \      /
          \    /
            \  /
        Desktop PC

I'm running my bittorrent client on the server, so the bittorrent traffic does not need to be routed to the desktop pc.

Is this setup possible?
If so, are there any howtos explaining this? I know people run OpenVPN and Shorewall simultaneously, but I'm not sure if my exact setup works.

deadeyes 09-06-2012 03:14 AM

I believe this is possible.
However you probably need source based routing.

Then, depending on the source IP of the traffic you can send it to either the VPN interface or the normal interface that is connected to the internet.

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