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hotplainrice 02-26-2005 04:39 AM

Bypass proxy
I am running gentoo. I have asked gentoo forums about this problem. The problem is that I just moved into my university. And the internet connection is through a proxy. This is troublesome as they only allow http and https. They also monitor whatever we are doing a.k.a traffic analysis. I'm not allowed to do certain things like visiting pr0n and downloading mp3s. I dont think they even allow me sshing into my box back home. They track me down by allowing access to the internet by making the proxy ask for my username and password for an university account that belongs to me.

My laptop --> Proxy server (Squid Socks) --> Outside world (Yahoo, Google etc.)

Even Gaim doesnt work through this proxy. I tried HTTP. It gave "Access denied: proxy server forbids port 1863 tunnelling"

1. How do I camoflague my connection so that they wont be able to detect whatever I'm doing?
2. How do I make my connections work through the proxy? (Gaim,Ssh)

berrance 02-26-2005 06:13 AM

try to get on restricted sites and i know how anoying proxys can be as at my college they have blocked all sports related sites even local clubs which made me verry p1ssed of as is one i visit just about every day when im there

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