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msuleyman 08-22-2010 09:35 PM

Bridging Wireless to Wired
I am trying to share my internet access using the following setup.

A Linksys WRT54G v5 router that is connected to my cable modem in my basement. I want the signal to be picked up by my Hawking HWABN1 and sent through a Linksys BEFSR41 to my Ubuntu desktop running 9.04.

I'm pretty sure the Hawking is receiving the signal because when I check the devices in the wireless router setting the IP shows up. I can't seem to get anything whether it is hooked up to the BEFSR41 or straight to the desktop and Ubuntu tells me I'm offline and I'm not getting an IP.

I have a WinXP laptop that I have used to run the Hawking setup and it is supposed to be accessible through a web based interface similar to the routers.

I would provide more details but I'm not sure what else to add or where to get it. Any help is greatly appreciated and I thank you in advance.

nimnull22 08-24-2010 08:36 AM

I will try to help, but sorry I do not want to search internet for the info about Hawking HWABN1 and Linksys BEFSR41.
Can you tell us what is Hawking HWABN1 and what does it do? And the same about Linksys BEFSR41.

michaelk 08-24-2010 08:59 AM

The Hawking HWABN1 is a wireless access point that can also be configured as a bridge. The Linksys BEFSR41 is a router with a 4 port switch.

In a nutshell the HWABN1 should be configured as a bridge client and plugged into the Linksys router on the LAN switch side. I assume that you are going to use the linksys just as a switch so make sure you turn off its DHCP server. Refer to the instruction manual for each device for instructions on how to accomplish the above steps.

I've never played with the the Hawking so I can not help you with detail steps.

nimnull22 08-24-2010 10:42 AM

In that case, IP of Hawking HWABN1 has to be in the lan ip range of the first router as well as for all clients on Linksys BEFSR41 switched interfaces. Or Hawking HWABN1 and LAN clients have to get IP through DHCP from the first router (in this case Linksys BEFSR41 should be a clear switch).
This is my thoughts about it.

djsmiley2k 08-24-2010 10:43 AM

Setup the bridge connected to the PC directly at first, then setup the switch.

Will make configuration easier.

msuleyman 08-26-2010 05:40 AM

I have tried the direct hookup to the Ubuntu desktop but it doesn't get an IP. Do I have to change any settings in Ubuntu for it to work?

Is there a standard way to connect this setup regardless of hardware? Most of the notes posted I have taken care of.

Thanks to everyone for their help.

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