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besson3c 09-17-2008 08:31 PM

Bridged networking intermittently drops network connection

I'm trying to do bridged networking in CentOS 5.2 for use with KVM. My setup works fine in Ubuntu, and works in CentOS 5.2 as well - for a time. After some time the network drops out and the machine is completely inaccessible until next boot. If you look at the console there is no kernel panic or anything like that.

Before I delve into all of the details about my bridged networking setup, let me ask the general question: what sorts of things can cause this sort of thing? If it were a configuration issue I would assume that it wouldn't work at all from the get to... Kernel issue? Would it be a good use of time trying to reinstall a minimal install of the core OS in case there is some sort of software conflict? Any other ideas?

I'd use Xen, but I've had no luck getting it to work under the 64 bit version of FreeBSD.

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