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crazytigger 05-03-2006 06:53 PM

binds in fstab for chrooted ftp users (format help please)
hi there. Ive been looking for some time for the correct stuff to put in fstab for my chrooted ftp users so they can reach resources on other hard disks without my comprimising the rest of the file system.

I am aware i can bind extra directories inside say /home/ftp by doing this as root:

mount --bind /home/ftp/misc /home/data/Shared

- in order to enable access for the ftp users to get to /home/data/shared without giving them access to the sub system.

Symlinks dont work because ftp users are "chrooted"

This is fine but i really need some help as to what to put in fstab to make the bindings survive a reboot, i do understand the format of fstab but cant seem to get the "bind" command in there.

Thanks for any advice

crazytigger 05-03-2006 08:13 PM

Solution found
I found out what i was doing wrong.. in fstab it seems to take the mount options in the fourth column .. so the format was

/home/data/Shared /home/ftp/misc none bind 0 0

in order to mount /home/data/Shared in /home/ftp/misc with the "bind" option i needed for the chrooted users to access..

well you learn a new thing everyday

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