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NUX 08-29-2003 01:11 AM

BIND9.2.2 DDNS Server
Here is the problem :

I have a fixed IP address and use dynamic
IP from for the domain.
The webserver is apache latest version
the httpd.conf file contains 6 virtual hosts.

Everything works fine except that is not
resolved when viewed from China.
I understand it should be possible to use bind9 and
DDNS to set up a system which would circumvent
this problem.

Question : How to go about it using bind and DDNS ?
Need a step by step guide .

System : Suse 7.1 patched to latest updates

I do not want to set up a proxy server.

locutus233 08-29-2003 03:00 AM

-What do you mean by not resolvable from china?

-Are you trying to setup A records for 6 vitual hosts on one machine?

-Do you have domain names for each virtual host or different host names and just need to setup A records?

If you have a static IP why are you using ?
Have a look at's free dns service it mite be more of what your looking for.

The DDNS feature in Bind 8 and 9 work very much like windows 2K and 2k3 server Active directory dns service. Its primary intention is to allow clients to update there information in the zone file. In addition DDNS allows for secure updates and transfers between other dns servers. That is the primary purpose of ddns.

The different between bind 8 and 9 is the introduction of tsig updates in 9 along with a complete re-write of the code that powers bind. I suspect that TSIG signing may not be legal for export into china though due to restrictions on encryption exports.

Windows uses an secure ddns system which is only implemented on winblows dns servers.

NUX 08-29-2003 03:16 AM

Well , my web server is not in China , but if you are there
you cannot open any websites which have a form
like , it is blocked ....
Yes I have a fixed ip address which is like,
and I get the host name which is something like , etc from NO-IP.
I have 6 of them used as server names in the apache httpd.conf
virtual host configuration. It works as advertised from anywhere
in the world as I get hundreds of hits a day.
To support any visitors from China the thinking is that
I need to set up something like a local DNS server which hides away the hosts in a zone ... and that's where I need help. No idea how to set this up.


locutus233 08-29-2003 01:47 PM

What you are saying is that is blocked in china...

-So you need your own public dns servers or you need to pay your ISP for DNS service.

-What you want to do requires massive changes to dns and http to make work.

-IF is block find another dns providor that is not blocked. Since your IP address is static its unlikely you need a Dynamic DNS service like noip.

-You can do what most other companies do either setup your own DNS server or Recruit a DNS hosting providor like your ISP or

-IF you have no idea how to setup Bind i would suggest contacting your ISP to get them to host your dns or look at which has a very easy to use interface and allows you to control several domains from one control interface.

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