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Ceafin 04-03-2012 08:52 PM

Bind with TLDs for custom community use
I am clearly making this harder than it must be, because I am just not seeing how to make my own TLD for myself and my friends to point.

Running off the ideas of OpenNIC, meshnet, and MyLittleDNS, I have a little linux VPS out in the net with a static IP, and I wanted to set up BIND to serve out a custom TLD as a root-server that only those who knew to point to my server would be able to resolve, AND point to/forward/etc the OpenNIC root servers, so that normal interneting is still possible.

Yet, I am clearly making this harder than it is, because I can't find any examples or help on how to use BIND for your own root-server and host a custom TLD.

Any forum threads or web sites that I could be pointed to, since my googleFu isn't strong enough? Or better yet, starting with working code/.conf files to be as the example or "goal" and pick them apart and disect them to see how they work until I break it, and then start back with the original again.

Yes, I am a newbie, I admit I haven't found a solution yet, thus I ask my question, so I appreciate "No"s over big long rants of flaming and how disappointing I must be to everyone and how you're not going to assist.

Otherwise, I greatly appreciate any help you provide in advance! [](/a22)

routers 04-09-2012 02:21 PM

as i understood , you want to use your own unregistered domain but then the domain must be resolved
within your community or group

in my mind this is not very difficult

first you need to setup your own dns server and make it run, then tell your friend to use
your own created dns server, from there you can setup whatever domain your want and your
friend should be able to use it

if this is right then your part is not able to setup bind dns please open new thread with bind related

RobertEachus 07-05-2012 07:05 PM

Here is an example from

If you look at the localhost zone statement this is exactly what you want for a custom TLD.

Note: Domain names are cheep and owning your own domain name means all computers will be able to get to it... slightly cooler I think, as lots of places block you from using a DNS server on the internet... so as your laptops ect move around you will have to keep changing the DNS servers to and from your custom DNS server. If you just want it to work regardless of the DNS servers you could always just add host file entry's on the computers instead of using a custom DNS server.


// maintained by: me myself alone
// 1. 9 july 2003 - did something
// 2. 16 july 2003 - did something else
// 3. 23 july 2003 - did something more
options {
  directory "/var/named";
  // version statement - inhibited for security
  // (avoids hacking any known weaknesses)       
  version "not currently available";
  forwarders {;;};
  forward only;
  // disables all zone transfer requests
  // Closed DNS - permits only local IPs to issue queries
  // remove if an Open DNS required to support all users
  // or add additional IP ranges
  // in this case either allow-query or allow-recursion can be used
  allow-query {;};
// log to /var/log/example.log all events from
// info UP in severity (no debug)
// defaults to use 3 files in rotation
// BIND 8.x logging MUST COME FIRST in this file
// BIND 9.x parses the whole file before using the log
// failure messages up to this point are in (syslog)
// typically /var/log/messages
  channel example_log{
  file "/var/log/named/example.log" versions 3;
  severity info;
  print-severity yes;
  print-time yes;
  print-category yes;
 category default{
// required local host domain
zone "localhost" in{
  type master;
  file "pri.localhost";
// localhost reverse map
zone "" in{
  type master;
  file "localhost.rev";

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